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Famous Talent Player Warren - Saip will donate brain for medical research
Beijing June 22, cheap jerseys from china the name of the famous Hall of Fame, Warren Sapp) In the US Tuesday, he announced that he will donate his own brain to medical research.

All the opportunity is because Sappel hopes that the players will not be like their own years when they choose to leave.

Saup said: "I also feel the impact of impact on my career. My memory is not as good as before, I am afraid that my brain is recession. I don't want to forget my own supermarket list, forget to go to a friend's way. So I hope that all this can help CTE and brain volatile research, let our game more security. "

Saip retired in 2008, cheap jerseys from china previously completed 13 years of career, with 7 professional bowls, selected for the first lineup 4 times. In 2002 he helped Tampawan pirates to get a super bowl.

He used to change people on the game. In the future, cheap nfl jerseys from china he hopes that he has become a change in the game.